First Breakdown- December 23rd

One of those magical weekends with a college football/NFL football double header. Although the match ups are pretty shitty, still fun stuff.

This is written at 3:18 EST, so I missed the boat on the first game.

San Diego State (-6.5) vs. Army

-SDSU is surprisingly a good team and Army literally can’t score (recency bias, they did put up some points in a few games to start the season). They had a couple of good wins but you can’t trust them to keep up. I’m taking SDSU all day with this.

Appalachian State vs Toledo (-6.5)

-If you watch any MAC football at all, you know Toledo is solid. They have a physical run game and put teams away quick. They also have a dope coach who, for some unbelievable reason, decided to stay at Toledo when he clearly was a candidate for bigger jobs (TOLEDO, AS IN OHIO, WUT) If we’re being honest, I haven’t watched App state play at all but after looking at their losses I can’t imagine them hanging with Toledo. This is the game I decided to take this evening and is the closest thing to a lock you’ll ever see. (watch me get boned when app state comes out of nowhere and rolls)

Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens (-13.5)

-It’s still surprising to see nearly two touchdown spreads in an NFL game, and that always scares me. I don’t think the colts are really that bad. They play ugly football, and find ways to barely lose. Baltimore is hot and cold, and aside from their game against my D-Lions, haven’t looked like a team that can deliver a pounding. I’m taking colts and the points and hoping Chuck P. can rally the team to save his job and keep this one close.

Minnesota Vikings (-8.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

-You can never figure out how a game of shitters like ravens and colts can have such a huge spread, and then turn around and find a game with a super bowl contender and it only be 8.5 points. With Green Bay shutting down Rogers and being statistically eliminated for the playoffs, I can’t imagine this one staying anywhere near close. Brent Hunley just looks lost, and will be devoured by this dope Vikings D. The Vikings just deliver week over week over week, on both sides of the ball. Vikings and the points all day

Toss up: SDSU vs. Army

Locks: Toledo

Pretty confident: Colts, Vikings

Happy Gambling.

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