December 27th- 4 College Games

I’m on somewhat of a cold streak lately, pretty much unlike any other cold streak in my gambling career. After the hot start to the NFL season, this really hurts. But we must persevere!

1:30pm EST: Southern Mississippi vs. Florida State (-13.5)

At the beginning of the season if you told me FSU would be playing SOUTHER FRICKEN MISSISSIPPI in the FRIGGN WALK-ONS INDEPENDENCE BOWL I would have said you were out of your mind. As a side note, FSU isn’t even technically bowl eligible, but we don’t have time to discuss that. When I first started researching this game the line was at -14.5 and has already been bet down to -13.5 (meaning more people were taking Souther Miss and the points). FSU is playing with an interim head coach and has at least 4 starters sitting out. Souther Miss has never played a game against a program like this- I’ve bought into them emotionally. I’m personally staying away from this game, but I’ll be rooting for Southern Miss and the points. Actually maybe I just talked myself into taking that. Fack.

5:15pm EST: Iowa (-3) vs. Boston College

This is another game that had some movement on the points, Iowa becoming the bigger favorite. Iowa just plays a different brand of football than BC, and Iowa has the big Ohio State win. BC finished the year strong, but lost a key component of their offense. If this wasn’t smack dab in the middle of the week, I’d say this would be like a home game for BC but lets me honest no one wants to go watch a football game, at Yankees Stadium while it’s 20 degrees. I’m taking Iowa.

8:30pm EST: Arizona (-3) vs Purdue

These midweek bowl games feel damn near impossible to pick. Some people are picking a shootout, some are saying this will be low scoring. Who really knows. I like the Purdue coach, and a defense that has showed up consistently. Arizona has a great playmaker at QB, but he only played towards the end of the season. I like Purdue and the points, but will not be touching this.

9:00pm EST: Texas vs. Missouri (-3)

This makes me wish I didn’t have work tomorrow and could stay up late as fuck watching 2 mediocre teams slug it out. Missouri’s offense started out slow but has really been putting some points on the board recently- averaging 53.4 points their last 5 games. Thats crazy. Texas, with all the hype coming into the season, has been extremely disappointing to start the Herman era. I think Missouri comes out strong, and this is a game I will be taking.


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