December 28th- Starting to Heat Up

Getting closer and closer to NYE, the bowl match ups are starting to get better.

1:30 EST: Virginia vs. Navy (-1.5)

Virginia doesn’t look like a good team as of late. They had a hot start, and looked like they could potentially make some noise but that thought fizzled out at the half way point in the season- losing 5 of their last 6. Navy was exactly the same, losing 5 of their last 6. Damn that really must suck. This game is like a race to the bottom. Oh well, with that being said this game is being played in Annapolis, MD (literally call the Military Bowl). For that reason alone I’m taking Navy.

5:15 EST: Virginia Tech #22 vs Oklahoma State #19 (-5.5)

Another season, another year of disappointment for Oklahoma State fans who thought they had a chance to get over the hump and make the playoff—- NOPE. Mike “the Mullet” Gundy blows it again. Hes that coach that’ll win you 9 games a years and then lose it all when it really matters. Oh well, there was speculation that he would move on but he’s deciding to stay. Can’t blame him- never win the conference, but start every year with fans thinking you’ll be the next national champion. Sounds like a local coach here in Michigan. Pretty sure this is Mason Rudolph’s last game, even though he’s a choke artist like Gundy he still is pretty fun to watch. VTech had a decent season (9 wins) but doesn’t really have that signature win. I was surprised to see this spread so low, which is why I’m fairly confident in taking Oklahoma State.

9:00 EST Stanford #13 vs. TCU #15 (-3.5)

TCU had a good season, playing well throughout most of the year but not showing up when they needed to (Iowa State, and Oklahoma x2). Their big win was against OKST, and if you read my breakdown of their game you know I don’t think that highly of them. In games I watched, it seemed like their QB was very streaky and was liable to turn the ball over in big spots. Stanford ended the season as one of the hottest teams in football. They also have one of the best weapons in all of college football at RB. With the spread being -3.5, I like Stanford in this one.

9:00 EST Michigan State #16 (-2) vs. Washington State #18

Michigan State had a huge turn around from last season and had 2 top wins. It’s not in you best interest to bet against Dantonio when he has time to prepare, and Brian Lewerke has really emerged as legitimate college QB. WSU has a pretty good defense, but MSU has played against solid defenses all year. WSU has had some big wins of their own- my favorite being against USC. Anddddd then followed it up 2 weeks later with an awful loss where they didn’t score a TD. I like Michigan State for 2 reasons- 1) I’m a fan boy, 2) They played a much tougher schedule.


I parlayed the MSU/WSU over and OKST -6. I need to catch some sort of streak here…

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