December 29th- Friday Five

For those keeping score at home, my picks yesterday went 4/4 and hit my parlay. The heater begins now..

1:00pm EST: Wake Forest (-4.5) vs. Texas A&M

Will new coaches coach in bowl games when they got hired like 2 weeks before? If not, they should (edit: they dont, and he said he’s going to be “hands off”). But in all seriousness Wake Forest football is slowly turning a corner and may actually be a contender (for second place) in the coming years for the ACC Atlantic division. They run a offense that is fun to watch and can hang with anyone. Texas A&M is missing two studs on defense and starting a redshirt at QB. oh, and this game is apparently super close to Wake Forest’s campus. I’m taking Wake Forest.

3:00pm EST: NC State #24 (-7.0) vs. Arizona State

NC State aka Quarterback U is always a fun team to gamble on. They’re good for an upset or 2 a year, but can’t seem to put it all together (probably because they place Clemson every year). They have a solid teams all around, and a competent QB. Arizona State has had a ton of coaching turnover, which leads to one of the weirdest things I’ve seen: Todd Gram (fired ASU coach) is still coaching the team in their bowl game even though they have a new coach? Seems super odd, but oh well. Like I said before, I don’t really believe in emotions impacting spreads (at least I don’t yet) so I’m taking NC State.

4:30pm EST: Kentucky vs. Northwestern #21 (-9.5)

Kentucky put up some wins this year (I think most they’ve had in a long time) but there’s not much substance to them. They lost to literally any team with a pulse, and even lost to Florida. Northwestern crushed the hopes of my beloved Spartans, and physically dominated another of other teams. This number is a little big for my liking- actually jumped 2 points while I was writing this. Well that changes my mind, taking Kentucky and the points.

5:30pm EST: New Mexico State vs. Utah State (-4.5)

NMST: First bowl game since forever, hardly even got in. Utah ST- good coaching, solid defense. I feel like an idiot even trying to predict these small bowl games. Give me the favorite whatever.

830pm EST: USC #8 vs. #5 Ohio State (-7.5)


First legit bowl game to get excited about. Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always loved seeing Ohio State beat up on the boys from Ann Arbor- which led me to root for OhSt more frequently than I’d like to admit. I’m clearly no NFL qb scout because I really don’t get the hype surrounding Sam Darnold. He looks great on one play, then will throw a ugly interception. They also looked really bad in their 2 losses (I suppose OSU did too). I like JT Barrett in pressure situations, and love Urban Meyer when he has time to plan. HOWEVER, the spread in this game is just too big. I’m going to take USC and the points- and that really sucks.

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