December 30th – Starting to heat up

Closer and closer to the good games..

12:00pm EST: Louisville (-6.5) vs Mississippi State #23

Not much sizzle in this game. The Mississippi State head coach left for Florida and they are playing without their starting QB. This is Lamar Jackson’s last game, I expected him to ball out to boost his draft stock. I like Louisville.

12:30pm EST: Iowa State vs. Memphis #20 (-4.0)

Memphis was on random weekdays throughout the season, so I got a chance to watch them more than I expected. They play offense like it’s 7v7 high school football, its crazy. They score a shit ton and then score some more. Iowa State went on that crazy little run beating a bunch of good teams, but they looked shaky every time. Like even when they were winning, they acted like they were just as surprised. They ended up running out of steam and came back to earth. I’m taking Memphis in this game confidently.

4:00pm EST: Washington #11 vs. Penn State #9 (-3.0)

This is truly a tough matchup. Both teams were a few plays away from being in playoff contention. Washington didn’t look like the team from last year, but still had Jake Browning doing his thing. Penn State looked dominate at times and has serious weapons on offense, but failed to bounce back when challenged. I’m not a fan of James Franklin and don’t believe you can win games by relying on the 50/50 ball. I like Washington to win this outright.

8:00pm EST: Wisconsin #6 (-6) vs. Miami #10

Miami, Miami, Miami… I had such high hopes for you. The turnover chain, the U being back, all great things- but they you blew it. Something about their QB makes me not trust him, and they’ve been dominated their last 2 times out. They had the big win against ND, but they turned out to be frauds anyway. On the other hand, Wisconsin will flat out come and punch you in the mouth over and over and over again. They play boring football, but it works. Neither of the teams played a crazy schedule, making this game even that much more difficulty to discuss. I can’t imagine Wisconsin putting up enough points total to warrant the 6 point spread, so I’m siding with Miami and the points.

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