January 1st- OH BOY ITS HERE

12:00pm EST: Michigan (-7.5) vs. South Carolina

No idea why these teams are playing January 1st. This game should have been played weeks ago. idk, both teams have misleading records and shit the bed when they played real teams. I’ll take Michigan but it hurts me more than anything in the world.

12:30pm EST: UCF vs. Auburn (-9.5)

Now to the real New Years Day games. This game would have been much more exciting had Scott Frost stayed, but we all knew he wasn’t going to. I think Auburn got shafted in a way, it sucks having to play the same team twice and almost never works out for the team who won first. The guys up front are scary on both sides of the ball, and there’s no way players from UCF can hang with players like this. Men vs boys. UCF had a magical season and capped it off with a thrilling OT win for their conference championship….and then found out their coach was leaving before the game was even over. I like Auburn, and by a lot.

1:00pm EST: Notre Dame #14 vs. LSU #17 (-3)

Kinda surprised to see LSU favored here. Notre Dame ended the year on a low note, but not that low. LSU never seemed like they dominated a team to deserve being the favorite here. Gotta be the power of Coach O and all dem craw daddy an all dat gumbo down der at da bayou. But being honest, ND is super athletic and can keep up with the best of them. They tell you what they’re going to do, then run it down your throat. LSU does a lot of the same, running an offense focused on the run. This game will probably be a snoozer, but I like ND.


5:00pm EST: Georgia #3 (-2.5) vs. Oklahoma #2

The playoffs really are a thing of beauty. These match ups make it move a little. Georgia runs the ball like an NFL team, and has made it this far with a true freshman qb. Seriously, the kid is like 18. Georgia’s only loss came against Auburn when Auburn was on their heater. They play stout defense and a efficient pro style offense. Oklahoma comes in with all the flare, and the douche bag Heisman winner. Their offense is a thing of beauty, averaging some crazy high yards per play. Their defense is their weak link, which should be expected coming from the Big 12. But weird things happen in the playoffs, and games are generally won on the backs of play makers. Hate to say it, but I’m going with the crotch grading Oklahoma Sooners in this one. Hopefully the points will move and give me a bigger cushion.

8:00pm EST: Alabama #4 (-3.0) vs. Clemson #1

The rare #1 seed an underdog in the semis, but I totally buy it. Clemson is equally as stacked as Alabama, and they will be for years to come. This game will come down to QB play, and I trust Jalen Hurst more than the freshman from Clemson. The stage is huge, and the seniors from Alabama have been there damn near every year. I expect Alabama to win this game, and by far more than 3 points.

2 thoughts on “January 1st- OH BOY ITS HERE

  1. Have you factored in Baker Mayfield’s supposed “illness”? Also, GO BLUE


    1. Blue looked good! Baker came down with the sickness but fell short. what a fun game to watch


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