January 6th – Playoffs baby

Right as bowl season ends and depression looms, PLAYOFFS START! Unfortunately my shitty motor city kitty assholes blew it and are not in, but that doesn’t wild card weekend from being dope. Let’s dive right in.

4:20pm EST: Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-8.5); O/U 44.5

This game has had some slight movement on the line, opening at -9.5 I believe which is a insane number of points for a playoff game. I originally wanted to take it at 9.5 but given the movement I think KC will still cover. Tennessee had all the hopes in the world, but what the hell has happened to Marcus Mariota. Its that same draft class with Jameis, they all blow. For real, check out who was drafted that year; Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Brett Hundley, Bryce Petty, and Trevor Siemian. LOL. But anyway back to the game, the Chiefs took a hugeeee nose dive after their hot start, but still maintained their way into the play offs. They also play significantly better at home. I like KC to win and cover.

8:15pm EST: Atlanta Falcons vs. LA Rams (-6); O/U 48

Really hoping this game is a good one. The line has moved in favor the Rams by one point since it opened. The only knock on the Rams is how young they are both at QB and HC. Through the season they’ve been an exciting team to watch offensively, as they score and score and then score some more. The Falcons have all the tools to repeat an NFC Championship, but just couldn’t put it together. I feel if they can get on some sort of streak, they have the chance to make a run. I’m not sure if I should put much weight into experience, but I’m going to here. My mind is telling me take the Rams, lay the points, but my heart it telling me to parlay the KC ML and Falcons ML. Decisions, Decisions. Going with my heart, I like the Falcons to cover.

My bet: KC ML parlayed with Falcons ML. (trying to win big fam)

Let me know who you got and why.

1 thought on “January 6th – Playoffs baby

  1. The falcons haven’t shown anything all year and Mariota sucks. I’m taking the Rams and Chief Keefs


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