January 7th- Wild Card Part 2

1:05pm EST: Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-8.5); O/U 40

This is another huge spread, and wouldn’t be shocking to see an upset like last night. Blake Bortles loves turning the ball over, and the Bill’s are riding an emotional high. First time the Bills made the playoffs in like 17 years and they made it on some miracle win from Cinci. I like the Bills to cover here but I think Jacksonville wins.

4:40pm EST: Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints (-6.5); O/U 47.5

It’s hard to beat the same team twice in a year, let alone three times which is exactly what New Orleans is trying to do. They do have a really good team, balanced on offense and the first time(ish) he’s had a good defense. The Panthers quietly had a really fricken good season. They have some weapons available this week on offense that Cam didn’t have is the losses against the Saints earlier. This will be fun game, and I like the Panthers to win outright.

I’m parlaying the Bills and the points with the Panthers to win outright. Shoulda had that one last week.

Who you taking?

2 thoughts on “January 7th- Wild Card Part 2

  1. I’m taking Blake Bortle service to pop some champagne at the end in the VIP section, bills will cover in a close game . And Cam has a way better fashion sense than Drew so I mean that’s like half of what football is so the Panthers outright


  2. The jags have a great pass defense and the bills will have to pass with a banged up Shady McCoy. I just don’t see the bills scoring a lot. Meanwhile the jags can run so it’s not all on Bortles. And I’ve just never been a fan of the Panthers and Cam’s wardrobe choices. I’m taking the saints in a close one.


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