January 8th- National Championship

8:00pm EST: Alabama (-4) vs. Georgia O/U 46

Even though the real national Champion, UCF, has already been crowned Georgia and Alabama still wanted to play this exhibition game. Lots of people are upset with the all SEC final, but I really don’t mind it. Like, they earned it. Could have just as easily been a non-SEC final. Anyway, what a match – I’m giddy like a school girl. Starting with Alabama; this is a team of grown ass men. I bet 15/22 of these guys will eventually be on a NFL roster. They are scary up front on defense, the secondary is just as intimidating. On offense they pound you and pound you and then pound you some more. Hurst will burn you with his feet and has the ability to make the down field throws when he’s hot. Georgia’s defense is almost as scary up front, but lack the weapons in the secondary. They’re also solid af at linebacker- that #3 dude is scary. On offense, I’m pretty sure they’re the best running team in the country, with two backs that are unbelievable talented. They are lead by a 19yr old at QB who has shown that he’s the real deal. My thoughts; Georgia will not be able to run like they have been accustomed to, and will force Jakey to have to make the throw to beat them. I don’t have that faith in him yet. I think Alabama wins, and it won’t be as close as we thought.

My bet; Alabama (-4). Alabama fan family friend said to parlay the under and Alabama. Might do that to.

Who you got?

1 thought on “January 8th- National Championship

  1. I really want Alabama to lose but it’s so hard to bet against them. They’re just too good. Hopefully Fromm steps up and outplays Hurts.


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