January 13th- Divisional Round

4:35pm EST: Atlanta Falcons (-3.0) vs. Philadelphia Eagles; O/U 41

Pretty sure this is the only #1 seed to ever be a underdog in the Divisional round, but that’s what happens when you lose your franchise QB. The Falcons have all the potential in the world but just didn’t seem to get it together this year with any consistency, partly because Julio doesn’t seem like himself. Last week showed you how lethal they can be; stout on defense, dangerous on offense. As good as they looked against the Rams, they’ve had some stinkers. And lets not forget, they are an indoor team and the weather in Philly is supposed to be like 20 degrees outdoor. On the other hand, the Eagles are very balanced. Solid in the pass and the run, but severely lacking at the QB position. If Carson was playing I bet the Eagles would be 7 or 8 point favorites. On defense they have one of the hottest head coaching candidates in Jim Schwartz at Defensive Coordinator. They’ve looked great all year. This will be a low scoring dog fight. If big dick Nick get’s on a roll and finds some gold and can score some early points they have a shot, but I don’t see that happening. I like Atlanta to cover.

8:15pm EST: Tennessee Titans vs. New England Patriots (-13.5); O/U 48

Vegas is just begginnggggggg you to take the Titans and the points here. I mean 2 touchdowns in a fricken PLAY OFF GAME!!!! Seems to good to be true. As Brent Musburger said, “bet against the Patriots at your own risk….”. We all know who the Patriots are, but if they were to not cover (even lose) how would that happen? The Patriots have had a tendency to let teams hang around; they go up 14-3 and then maintain, score late, and then maintain. They are never threatened, they just hang around. Also, the Patriots defense gives up a shit ton of yard per play, but rarely lets people in the endzone. They are able to stop people in the red zone better than any other team. So what does that mean for the Titans? Well last week they showed us they can score touchdowns in the redzone, going 3/4 in the second half (they would have scored a fourth but the game ended). The Titans could be a team that got hot at the right time, as team trending in the right direction in terms of this season and moving forward into next year. Bottom line, the Patriots are still the Patriots.. Buyer beware on this game.

Who you got?

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