January 14th- Divisional Round 2

1:05pm EST: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-7.0); O/U 41

“People still think Lebron James suck, so the hate on me will probably never stop”- Blake Bortles comparing himself to Lebron James. LOL THE DUDE PUT UP 10 points AND WON A PLAYOFF GAME. If the Jags even had an average QB they would be a Super Bowl contender for the next few seasons their defense is that good. But what a weird matchup this is, you want to just assume the Steelers will get it done but with an aging Big Ben and a banged up Antonio Brown it’s really hard to assume anything. Like the Eagles game, if the Jags can gets some quick points up their defense should be able to just maintain. Butttt the Jags offense is hot garbage; I think the Steelers win here something like 17-3. (I shouldn’t be in the business of predicting scores that literally never worked out for anyone in existence)

4:40pm EST: New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings (-5.0); O/U 47

This is the game I’m looking forward to the most. Fairy-tale Vikings vs the red hot Saints. The Cinderella story that is Case Keenum has got to come to an end eventually right? Even though he’s been pretty amazing this season, he has to regress to the norm right? right??? I’m thinking yes, and I’m thinking it happens here. I was excited to see the spread play out the way it did. A indoor veteran going on the road, up north, to another indoor stadium. The Saints are too good on both sides. That’s what I’m telling myself and that’s what I’m sticking with. Vikings win if Case Keenum maintains who he has been all weekend, Saints win if they can create a turnover or 2 and finish in the redzone. I’m leaning towards the over, and I like the Saints and the points.

Happy Playoffs.

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