Bad Beat of the Week

Another great one from one of my Detroit sports teams. This was classic Stan Van Gundy Pistons aka they suck. The line in the game was Pistons -10. Hawks were resting like the only 3 players on the team who should even be in the NBA, so I figure this is a “slam dunk”. Well leave it to the Pistons to screw it up. I turn it on, the Pistons were up by 35 points. In fact, the Pistons had a 30+ point lead 3 separate times in tonights game. Fast forward to 1 minute left, and they’re up by 5 points battling to make free throws and end the game. So sick of this team, so sick of this entire organization. So thank you Pistons,  at least I can use your awful performance for some shitty content.

There’s how the game went down to the end. Absolutely heart breaking.

EDIT: Apparently by kickoff, the line moved to Vikings (-5.5) so all of the “pushes” mentioned below ended up being loses. Brutal, but half of the people must have liked it.

The ending to the Vikings vs. Saints game was one of the best all time. If you didn’t see here, this is what happened. Before this, the Vikings hit a field goal with 1:30 to go, giving the ball back to Drew Brees with plenty of time and 1 timeout. The saints go down, get in field goal range and drill a long field goal to go up by 1 with less than 30 seconds left. The Vikings get the ball back and look bad the first couple of plays, almost like they had given up. They have time for one more play, but they are way to far to even try a hail mary, so they try a deep out to get out of bounds to give them a chance to get out of bounds with like 1 second left and try one more. Well instead of getting out of bounds, this happens…

This was a painful beat almost all of us for a number of reasons. Anyone who took the Saints -5 were thinking fuck yeah; if anything the Vikings will get in field goal range and we still cover. Welp, no. The touchdown pushes the bet with the final score being 29-24. If you took the Vikings, you’re excited af because of the ending, and you probably know the rule where if a team wins on a walk off score, they still have to kick the extra point- so you’re thinking this was the greatest miracle ever, they’ll kick the extra point business as usual. Nope they don’t do that either, Case K gets back takes the snap and kneels. Push again. Over under was set at 47, if you took the under you’re like fine whatever it pushes, but then this little wild ass touchdown happens and you’re out. It’s amazing what can happen on one play, and this is why we love sports. I really wanted to see the Saints win, but this ending was worth all the agony. On to the Championships.


This one comes from my very own Detroit Lions. The O/U was set at 45 points. Jim Caldwell and the Lions played one of the most boring brands of football the entire season. Never being creative, never thinking outside of the box- always by the book and conservative. So when they were up 33-11 in the 4th quarter, with a win all but guaranteed, they would just kick the extra point right? Well instead they pull this shit:

This is almost sickening. A team that showed 0 creativity all year waits till a game that doesn’t to bust out this gem. I can’t help but think if this team took calculated risks like this earlier in the season, a few games would go their way. This team continues to kick it’s fan base directly in the nuts.

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